This is a PCB kit that comes with the IC, and so will create a complete microcontroller board. All that is needed is a power supply (5V) and a serial device. Most USB to serial converters will also output power so no supply will be needed.

The kit comes with an on board 3.3V regulator. To complete the kit all that is needed is a soldering iron and some cutters.

** The BV1-USB comes complete with the USB to serial so nothing extra is needed to get the board going as it has a 5V power output.

The IC is PIC32MX170D, the board has a large prototyping area and on board 3.3V regulator so is ideal for quick and simple projects.

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Pin outs

NOTE: D8 (RB10) and D9 (RB11)  are also used for the communication, UART2.

The table shows some of the possibilities of the pin designations. Also it is possible to redirect some pins to carry out alternate functions. This is called Peripheral Pin Select or PPS.

PIC32MX170B 5V Tolerant Pins

1   MCLR
14 RB5
15 RB6
16 RB7
17 RB8
18 RB9
21 RB10
22 RB11

Circuit Diagram


SD Card

To use an SD card with this device do the following.

1) Replace the normal firmware with the SD Card firmware here

2) Wire up an SD card using a suitable holder using the following wiring

Chip Pin BP 1 PCB Mark PORT Description SD Card
26 10 RB15 Clock CLK
15 11 RB6 MISO DO
14 12 RB5 MOSI DI
25 13 RB14 CS CS

** Don't forget the SD Card requires 3.3V

3) You should now see that the firmware will show a 0:/ ok prompt, this means that the SD is in place. NOTE the prompt will only show if there is an actual formatted SD card in place.

4) Optional: unzip the sd_card rookie and put that on the SD card, do a reset and it will load rookie3 in about 5 seconds.